Friday, December 16, 2016

Home Decor For The Holidays...

(glitter pinecones are a must)

 (prepping for the crafting that is about to happen) 

Stocking:Pottery Barn ( sold out) similar ones here Throw On Couch: Pottery Barn ( on major sale today!) Mini Stockings for the pups: Target's Dollar Section Ribbons: TJ Maxx Lumineer Lights: Bed Bath & Beyond

I am alittle late on this post, everything has been alittle crazy this week and I feel like all I have done is go go go and haven't been able to catch up... do you ever feel that way?? Anyway, I finally got to post all of these fun photos of my mom and I crafting these pretty decor pieces for our houses. I am featuring all of my mom's beautiful Christmas decor on the blog today because it is just too cute not to, and hopefully it can give everyone some good ideas for their homes next year :)

Every year my mom, the crafty little individual that she is somehow finds all of these cool branches, leland and holly everywhere and we make these vases for our houses. I always crack up when she tells me that she was driving and saw this great holly bush on the side of the road somewhere and cuts down a bunch of it. (not at anyones home or business, FYI) I always laugh because I have done that with her for Thanksgiving decorations and it's pretty intense climbing in these bushes cutting down the best pieces, haha! 

These great vases came from my wedding, home goods or hobby lobby. Always a great place to grab a few quick vases to decorate and affordable! 

Christmas is so close, I cannot wait! It will be Jake and I's first Christmas as a married couple in our new home and I am pretty excited for it. We are staying in town and I plan to just relax and enjoy family!

Happy Friday & I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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