Thursday, December 29, 2016

Brights & Winter Whites

(these Starbucks drinks are MY FAVORITE, incase you were curious haha)

Top: Loft Cardigan: Loft (on sale) Scarf: Loft (on major sale) Jeans: Gap (old) similar Here Booties: Go Jane (old) similar Here (on sale) & Here (on sale) Purse: Tory Burch Sunglasses:Forever21 (old) similar Here & Here

Hello my loves! I feel like this blog post is long overdue! I took alittle break during the holidays to be present with family and be in sweatpants & leggings :) haha But I have also had a sick doggie, if you're like me your dogs are basically your children. It breaks my heart when either of them are sick, I literally can't take it. I just wanna fix it for them, sounds like a mom, huh? haha Anyway I think Chloe is on the mend and getting back to her sweet fluffy self! Yay!!

I called this post winter brights, because it was alittle chilly the day we shot this, and felt like winter! But now it's back to being 60-70 degrees again! Needless to say we are all pretty confused about the weather here and don't know what to wear! On another note, I am pretty obsessed with this color combo. When I got this scarf at Loft I knew I had to have it because of the colors in it, they blend well with one another. I then found this random sweater hanging all by its lonesome and it ended up being exactly what I wanted to go with the scarf :) 

Random Side Note: If you have never had a Starbucks strawberry refresher or any refresher for that matter you should go immediately and try one! But I must warn you, you'll want more! haha 

I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas and holiday! I know I did, its so nice to get some time off to spend with family and friends and just be. I also got a pretty sweet vanity mirror for my makeup table and I cannot wait to show you all. More to come on that beauty :)
I hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful rest of your week! 


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