Friday, October 21, 2016

My Makeup Must Haves

1. Primer
A good makeup primer is the first step to any good makeup look. Not only does it work in place of a moisturizer but there are so many different ones that all address different issues before you begin with your makeup. There are pore minimizing primers, redness reducing primers, hydrating  primers, color correcting  and blemish control primers, My current go to primers are here Smashbox Hourglass Veil ,side note *( I have tried A LOT of primers) and these have been the best  FOR ME so far. I have tried all of the smashbox primers but I usually tend to go for the redness reducing ( color correcting adjust) because sometimes I feel like it evens out my skin tones if you have any redness at all. Its green, which is little weird, but green cancels out red and it works great for me!  Veil is my next favorite this one literally makes your skin feel like silk, you can instantly feel the difference once you put it on.

2. Eye Shadow Primer
 This has been one of my biggest complaints when it came to makeup that I could never find a primer for my eyes that kept my eye shadow on for an 8hour workday & didn’t crease. After many trials, smashbox saved the day again; they came out with this AMAZING eye shadow primer Smashbox 24 Hour. I mean I tried it out on my hand before I bought it and the makeup doesn’t go anywhere. It’s even hard to get off with my makeup wipes, I am not complaining because it lasts!

3. Highlighter
 I absolutely love my highlighter. I think it can instantly transform any makeup look. I discovered it originally in my contour kits that I got, and never really got that much into it until I got the Becca highlighter. Its so pigmented and pretty and looks gorgeous on all skin tones! My current favorite one is Becca Champagne Pop but I also love this one too, Becca Opal. Champagne Pop seems to sell out a lot and it always seems to happen when I drop mine on the floor and it crackes everywhere! Needless to say it looks like it is currently in stock online :)

4. Nude Lipstick/Lipgloss
I get a lot of questions about what lip color I wear. Nude Lip stick/lipgloss is a must for my everyday running around. I always have some kind of nude lipstick in my purse. It goes with everything and is my absolute favorite. There is no color like Velvet Teddy by Mac for lipstick, its by far my favorite and for lipgloss Naked Urban Decay in the color Nooner. It will be a sad day if MAC ever discontinues Velvet Teddy. A great lip liner to go with these is MAC Whirl. I also love the MAC Whirl Lipstick as another nude option. 

5. Mascara 

Mascara, if you are in a rush and don’t have time to do a face full of makeup, than this is your go to. It can instantly make you look awake and refreshed. I have tried many expensive brands of mascara and not been super happy with any of them. One of my favorite you tubers introduced me to Loreal Telescopic. I haven't used anything else ever sense!

6. Beauty Blenders
I use my beauty blenders everyday! I use them after I put on foundation to blot any excess and to blend my concealer. I can tell a big difference if I do my makeup and don't use a beauty blender. I usually get, these,  these & these

7. Foundation
Foundation, is a tricky thing. I wish I could go into a store and color match myself but I lack that skill, haha. I am jealous of those who can do that! I would probabley end up with 5 shades too dark or something. I HAVE to have someone color test it on me. My current favorites are Mac Matchmaster & Makeup Forever . In the MAC, I wear the color 2.0. In Makeup Forever I wear the color Y255. In the fall and winter months especially I tend to opt for full coverage and these do the trick. They also photograph really well I have noticed!

8. Eye Shadow
Okay I have a weakness and it is eyeshadow palettes. When I go into Sephora, I immediately gravitate towards all the sparkly new makeup palettes. I have WAY too many, but my current favorites are my Morphe palettes. They come with so many colors and are SO pigmented. 

9. Brow Pens/Gel
This is a must have, Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow  and Brow Wiz.  I never realized for a long time that filling in your eyebrows was a necessity. But once I started, I saw what a difference it actually made. If you have ever had a wax job and need to fill in and make it look natural, these are your products. If your just looking for an everyday filler this is your product. I switch between the Brow Wiz and the Dip Brow. Recently since I have become a little better with it, I started using the Brow Wiz. It took some time to actually get the hang of it with the pen but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy!

I hope everyone has a great Friday and wonderful weekend! :)

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